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Sizes: L25mm x W10mm x H43mm
Weight: 21.9g

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*Zoisite transmutes negative energies into positive ones and connects to the spiritual realms. Zoisite assists in manifesting your own self rather than being influenced by others or trying to conform to the norm. It aids in realizing your own ideas and transform destructive urges into constructive ones. This stone dispels lethargy and bring to the surface repressed feelings and emotions so that they can be expressed. Zoisite bring the mind back to its objectives after an interruption. Zoisite encourages recovery from severe illness or stress. Zoisite strengthens the immune system and regenerates cells. Zoisite is a detoxifier, neutralizing over acidification and reducing inflammation. When combined with Ruby, it increases potency.
*source:”THE CRYSTAL BIBLE” by Judy Hall

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