Tourmaline – Watermelon


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Color:  watermelon
Source : Sri Lanka, Brazil, Africa, USA, Western Australia, Afghanistan, Italy.
Tourmaline cleanses, purifies and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration. It grounds spiritual energy, clears and balances all the chakras, and forms a protective shield around the body.It is a shamanic stone that brings protection during rituals. It can be used for scrying and was traditionally used to point to the culprit or cause in times of trouble, and indicate a “good” direction in which to move.Psychologically, Tourmaline aids in understanding oneself and others, taking you deep into yourself, promoting self-confidence and diminishing fear. It banishes any feeling of being a victim and attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity. The striations along the side of Tourmaline enhance energy flow, making it an excellent stone for healing, energy enhancement, and removal of blockages. Each of different colors of Tourmaline has its own specific healing ability. 碧玺又称电气石,可以清洁、净化和转化密集能量,使之成为较轻柔的振动。在水晶迷眼里,天然碧玺对于平衡和清洁轮穴非常有效,可用于清洁人体气场,排除障碍,疏散负能量,提供解决特殊问题的方法。在心理上,碧玺能让你在理解他人的同时深入了解自我,增强自信心,减少恐惧。疗效:据说碧玺能帮助人们排除体内的阻塞物,而它上面的条纹则能加速能量流动,使疗效更为显著。每一种颜色的碧玺都具有自身特殊的治疗能力。
Watermelon – pink enfolded in green, is the “super-activator” of the heart chakra, linking it to the higher self and fostering love, tenderness and friendship. This stone instills patience and teaches tact and diplomacy. In healing, dissolves any resistance to becoming whole one more. It encourages regeneration of the nerves, especially in paralysis or multiple sclerosis, and treats stress. 西瓜碧玺(绿中带红):这种宝石是心轮的“超级催化剂”,能链接真我,提倡与人为善,使人温柔地对待身边的亲朋好友,因此据信可以帮你培养爱情与友情,有助于改善人际关系。另一方面,据说这种宝石还能转递耐心的品质,传授机敏与外交能力,缓解消极情绪与恐惧心理,从而增强人们的安全感。在疗效方面,西瓜碧玺可以促进神经再生,对于治疗瘫痪或多发性硬化特别有效果,并能减轻压力。

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