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Sizes: L26mm x W8mm x H31mm
Weight: 7.1g

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Color: Black or Dark Brown, Green(Moldavite)
Source: Worldwide
Because of its extraterrestrial origin, Tektite is believed to enhance communication with other worlds and to encourage spiritual growth through absorption and retention of higher knowledge. It forms a link between the creative energy and matter. Tektite helps you to release undesirable experience, remembering lessons learned and concentrating on those things that are conducive to spiritual growth. It takes you deep into heart of a matter, promoting insight into the true cause and necessary action. Placed on the chakras, Tektite balances the energy flow and reverse a chakra that is spinning the wrong way. Tektite opens communication with other dimensions. Tektite reduces fevers, aids the capillaries and circulation. It prevents the transmission of diseases.
玻陨石 – 这种来自地球之外的宝石早就被赋予了一层神秘色彩,认为它能促进人类与其它空间的交流,鼓励人们通过吸收更高层次的知识来促进灵修。根据某些理论,它有助于人们放弃不愉快的体验,记取经验教训,将注意力集中在对灵修有益的事情上。据说,玻陨石还能引导人们深入事务的核心,洞察真实原因,采取必要的行动。水晶疗法认为,将他放在轮穴上,能调整轮穴及平衡能量的流动,协调阴阳两极,有助于提高心灵感应。传统上,人们把玻陨石作为护身符随身携带,祈求各方面兴旺发展。玻陨石帮助退烧,对毛细血管和循环系统有益,预防疾病传播。

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