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Color: Golden-brown to Gray-blue
Source: Namibia
Pietersite known as the Tempest Stone because of its connection to the storm element, Pietersite is a fairly recent discovery, it is said to hold “the key to the kingdom of heaven”. Pietersite has the ability to ground you not to the earth but to the etheric body. Pietersite is a stone of vision and can be used for a vision quest or shamanic journey, it works strongly with the body during moving meditations, quickly accessing a very high state of altered awareness. Pietersite helps you to recognize the truth or falsehood of other people’s words, it dissolves stubborn blockages and clears confusion. psychologically, Pietersite promotes walking your own truth, it is an extremely supportive and strengthening stone aiding in speaking out and exploring anything that is blocking your access to truth, it assists in processing ancient conflicts and suppress feelings. At a subtle level, it clears and energizes the meridian pathways of the body. This stone clears disease caused by exhaustion in those who have no time to rest.

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