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Color: Green, Red, White, Purple
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White Phantom : It can make you healthy, and you can often wear it to suppress the explosive emotion, and calm yourself and improve your thinking.
A Phantom crystal symbolizes universal awareness. Its purpose is to stimulate healing for the planet and to activate healing abilities in individuals. For this purpose, it connects to a spiritual guide and enhances meditation. It is also known as the ability to attract wealth. Therefore, it is the favorite of businessmen, which helps to improve thinking ability and open mind. It has the power to recruit wealth and highly condense wealth. It is a positive wealth and represents the gradual wealth of hard work. Symbolizes universal consciousness. In Healing, a Phantom Quartz treats hearing disorders and open clairaudience.Its purpose is to stimulate the healing of the earth and activate the healing power of the individual. Therefore, it is connected to “rehabilitation”, the phantom quartz can treat hearing impairment and open hearing impairment, strengthen heart function, stabilize tension, anger, insomnia.

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