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【The Wen Chang Pagoda】
Wen Chang Pagoda also known as Education tower. In Wen Chang Pagoda, ‘Wen’, in chinese pronunciation means (knowledge and literature) while ‘Chang’ means (prosperous); and when combined, a complex meaning “prosperous/profound knowledge” is made. The name of the Wen Chang Pagoda is originates from the Wen Chang star(one of the flying star @4 green), most known in Feng Shui for their abilities in academic success. In ancient China, the “Wen Chang” is a symbol of knowledge, some believed they would influence the success of young students taking the examinations for civil service degree. When a pagoda of Yihuang country in Fuzhou collapsed in 1210 during the Song Dynasty, local inhabitants believed that the unfortunate event correlated with the recent failure of many exam candidates in the prefectural examinations for official degrees, the prerequisite for appointment in civil service. The pagoda was rebuilt in 1223 and had a list inscribed on it of the recently successful examination candidates, in hopes that it would reverse the trend and win the country supernatural favor.
〔The use and placement of Wen Chang Pagoda〕
1) Display nine-tiered of Wen Chang Pagoda on study desk to strengthen child’s knowledge and helps them to do better in academics. For those who are still a scholar or seeking higher education, it said to increase study and literary luck, brings successful examination. Because of this, Wen Chang pagoda widely used gift to those are in school for activate the energies of study academic, improving child’s scholarstic achievements.
2) It’s also reputed to bring career luck. Place a pagoda on work desk or office will helps concentrations of working and having a smart mind.
However, Wen Chang Pagoda is not only use to enhance knowledge, but it also helps in career success. Choose a pagoda made from natural material like crystal, jade, or wood to increase the power of pagoda and placed it on correct directions for a better result.

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