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*A meteorite is a solid piece of debris from an object such as a comet、asteroid or meteoroid, that originates in outer space and survives its passage through the atmosphere to reach the surface of a planet or moon. When the original object enters the atmosphere, various factors such as friction 、pressure and chemical interactions with the atmospheric gases cause it to heat up and radiate energy. It then becomes a meteor and forms a fireball, also known as a shooting star or falling star, astronomers call the brightest examples “bolides”. Once it settle on the larger body’s surface, the meteor becomes a meteorites. There are three main types of meteorites:【stony meteorites】that are rocks, mainly composed of silicate minerals,【Iron-meteorites】that are largely completed of metallic iron-nickel and 【stony-iron meteorites】that contain large amounts of both metallic and rocky material. Iron meteorites typically consist of approximately 90% iron, with the remainder comprised of nickel and trace amount of heavy metals including iridium, gallium and sometimes gold. Gibeon meteorites, since it was first discovered in 1836 in Namibia a country in southern Africa. Gibeon; best known as the Wid anstatten Pattern, it’s prized by collectors for its beautiful and popular with jewelers as it is very stable iron. Attributes: The meteorite comes in various hues-grey, brown and black. It is associated with the Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Crown Chakra and Root Chakra. The  people with any zodiac sign may get the advantages of its powers and energy. The people may carry this stone in the meditation process. It creates a peaceful and calm atmosphere so that the beings may concentrate fully towards their tasks. The meteorite balance and aligns the active fields of the wearer’s body. It raises the communication that is important and the requirement of the being .It encourages the stamina and strength that is necessary for the endurance. Healing: Iron-Nickel help with issues of the blood and circulatory system, energetically strengthening one’s physical vehicle, increasing ones stamina and physical healing. They have a grounding energy that protects, balance and stabilizes one’s emotional body. *source: Wikipedia

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