Jade- Treasure Bowl(Ju Bao Pen)


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L16cm×W16cm×H16.5cm ,
Weight: 3.9kg,
 2.5cm ingots-50pcs
3.5cm ingots-20pcs
5cm ingots-6pcs
8cm ingots-1pc



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The use of Yellow Jasper
1) It is a stone of strength, courage and determination.
2) The colour yellow bring good fortune.
3) It is a stone of protection and absorbs all types of negative energies.
Yellow Jasper Treasure Bowl
~place yellow jasper treasure bowl in feng shui corner or living room it said to attracting wealth luck and good fortune to your house.
~ you could also place in your office or shop to attracting wealth luck for your business and bring good sales to your shop.

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Weight 3.900 kg