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Sizes: L11mm x W4mm x H16mm
Weight: 1.5g

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*Emerald is a stone if inspiration and infinite patience. Known as the ” stone of successful love”, it brings domestic bliss and loyalty. Emerald keeps a partnership in balance. Emerald eliminates negativity and brings in positive actions. Focusing intention and raising consciousness, it brings about positive action. Emerald gives the strength of character to overcome the misfortune of life. Emerald imparts mental clarity, strengthens memory, inspires a deep inner knowing, and broadens vision. Emerald is extremely beneficial to mutual understanding within a group of people, stimulating cooperation. Emerald aids recovery after reflections illness. It treats sinuses, lungs heart, spine and muscles, and soothes the eyes. It improves vision and has a detoxifying effect on the liver.   *source: “THE CRYSTAL BIBLE” by Judy Hall

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