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*【The Feng Shui Elephant】
Elephant, have a great significance in many Asian culture, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, as a Feng Shui decor in home, office or temple. According to the Chinese culture, people have considered the elephant is one of the most auspicious sacred animal that can decor or place at home embodies power, prosperity, dignity, protection, success. Apart from that, the pronouciation of the elephant象 “xiang” in chinese is same with 祥 “xiang” (which means auspicious). In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha; the elephants depicted with an elephants head on a human body, known as the Remove of obstacles is played to particularly when people are starting a new business or beginning a new enterprise. The elephant is national symbol in Thai culture symbolize strength,longevity, intelligence and stateliness especially the white color elephant. In Thai society, white elephant represent wealth and power because of their past association with the Thai royals.
The way to use and place The Feng Shui Elephant
1) 『main entrance for protection』placed a pair of elephant statue with trunk facing upward at the front door (outward facing), represent protection and stability, and can be the protector of the household. It also bring good energy to the family.
2)『 attracting wealth in living room』 choose an elephant statue with their trunk pointing down to display in living room, facing to the door or window, it said to attract wealth and good fortune to your family.
3) 『to enhance career 』
Put an elephant on your office work desk or work station at home to improving positive growth of career. It a simbol of power, strength, success, intelligence all qualities of capable leader.
4)『child’s study table for knowledge and academic success 』
An elephant symbolize wisdom and knowledge, placed an elephant statuettes in your child’s room for academic achievement. Because of the elephant have large, complex brain, and with great memory, placed an elephant status in child’s study table or wherever their does homework, it said will helps to strengthen their knowledge and academic success.
5) 『placing an elephant in bedroom for fertility』
For married couples who wish to have a baby, display an elephant statue inside bedroom to represent fertility and conception especially a mother with a baby elephant statue.
Take noted that not to place a Feng Shui Elephant around locations such as kitchen, bathroom. Beside that, treat it with respect and put on table not on the floor. You may also choose an elephant made in good quality of stone or natural crystal to boost it power.
An elephant statue are still common decorative and symbolize elements at the entrance to home, temples on Asian countries. Also a common belief that the elephant is considered as most auspicious sacred symbol that can display it for Feng Shui cure. Either the elephant’s trunk is pointing upward symbolize “victory” , power, strength or trunk pointing downward to represent wealth, longevity, kindly and sharing of the good fortune with you.

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