Dragon Turtle-Obsidian


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A legendary Chinese Creature【Dragon Turtle】, has the head of dragon, with the body of turtle, that combines two of the four celestial animals of Chinese mythology: (dragon, phoenix, tiger, turtle)  makes more powerful force. The dragon symbolizes power, career, courage, success, and the turtle symbolize longevity, energy of stability, determination, and fertility. It’s promoted as a positive ornament in Feng Shui. Decorative carvings or statuettes of the Dragon Turtle are traditionally placed facing door or window, put in the lucky Feng Shui direction of your home for attracting wealth. Display a Dragon Turtle statue in elder’s bedroom is believed to bring good health to them and symbolizes longevity.  People who wish to increase good steady income luck, you may also place the Dragon Turtle in your office work desk, is said to  enhance career, and  helps work smoothly, it’s also believed to prevent all types of negative effect such as backstabbing, betrayal. Remember not to face the Dragon Turtle towards your sofa or bed, and do not put in an upside down position. The Dragon Turtle was depicted with various pattern on its back, each types represent a different meaning: (1) carrying a Weng Chang Pagoda represent career and academic success, (2) sitting on a Chinese coins or ingot for attracting wealth, and improving steady income, (3) with a baby turtle sitting on its shell representing excellent descendant luck. Statues of the Dragon Turtle are common decorative in the home as a Feng Shui cure, look into the five elements of Feng Shui, in order to make a best choice for your own, choosing a good-quality statue in best material such as crystal, jade, or wood for increase the power of your Dragon Turtle, brings good fortune, longevity, auspicious, harmony in homes.

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