Cluster – Quartz


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Sizes: L6cm x W9cm x H11.5cm
Weight: 550.2g (include wooden base)

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*A cluster has many points bedded, but not necessarily fixed into a base and may be small or large. Clusters radiate energy out to the surrounding environment and can also absorb detrimental energy. They can be programmed and left in place to do their work. They are especially useful for cleansing a room or other crystals, in which case the crystal should be left overnight on the cluster.    *source: “THE CRYSTAL BIBLE” by Judy Hall

*Clear quartz-Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet because of its unique helical spiral crystalline form. Found worldwide, it absorbs, stores, release and regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it. As demonstrated by a Kirlian camera, holding a Quartz crystal in your hand doubles your biomagnetic field. It enhances muscle testing and protects against radiation. Quartz generates electromagnetism and dispels static electricity. As a spiritual level, this crystal raises energy to the highest possible level. Containing every color possible, Clear Quartz works on all levels of being, Storing information like a natural computer, these crystals are a spiritual library waiting to be accessed. Used in meditation, Quartz filters out distractions, Quartz is the most efficient receptor for programming. Quartz is a master healer and can be used for any condition. it stimulates the immune system and bring the body into is excellent for soothing burns. Quartz harmonizes all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies.    *source: “THE CRYSTAL BIBLE” by Judy Hall

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