Citrine , Yellow Jade – Seven Star Array


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The seven-star array of large satellites is a representative of the mysterious power of crystal. It has a powerful magic effect. It is a magic array that can make you think about things. It is also a masterpiece of Westerners using crystal energy. Using the Crystal Seven Star Array, no matter you are in any aspect, career, wealth, family, marriage, etc., you can use the Seven Star Array composed of crystal balls to help you realize your wishes. This is the charm of the Seven Star Array composed of crystal balls that has powerful magic and mysterious power and is favored by Westerners.
*Aventurine is said to aid in the release of anxieties and fears, promoting emotional tranquility and positive attitudes towards life. It is also thought to enhance leadership qualities and reinforce decisiveness. Aventurine is a very positive stone of prosperity. Wearing Aventurine absorbs electromanegtic smog and protects against environmental pollution. Psychologically, Aventurine reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. It takes you back into the past to find sources of disease. This stone relieves stammers and severe neuroses, bringing understanding of what lies behind the conditions. Aventurine stabilizes one’s state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity.Physically, Aventurine promotes a feeling of well being,Aventurine protects the heart “chakra”. Aventurine benefits the thymus gland, connective tissue and nervouse system; it balances blood pressure and stimulated the metabolism.
*Carrying the power of the sun, citrine is an exceedingly beneficial stone. It is warming, highly creative, energizing. Citrine absorb, transmutes and dissipates and ground negative energy, is extremely protective for the environment. Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator, this is one of the crystal that never need to cleansing. Citrine is one of the stone of abundance, this dynamic stone teaches how to manifest and attracts wealth and prosperity, success and all good things. Psychologically, citrine enhances individuality, improves motivation and encourages self-expression. It raises self-esteem and self-confidence and removes destructive tendencies. Citine enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind. It is excellent for overcoming depression, fears and phobias. It helps in digesting information, analyzing situations and steering them in a positive direction. Citrine cleanses and balances the subtle bodies, aligning them with the physical. It has the ability to cleanse the chakras*, especially the solar plexus and navel chakras, it activates the crown chakra and opens the intuition. Citrine is an excellent stone for energizing and recharging. It is beneficial for CFS* and reverses degenerative disease. Citrine stimulates digestion, the spleen, and the pancreas. It negates infections in the kidney and bladder, increases blood circulation, detoxifies the blood, activates the thymus and balances the thyroid.   Source: “THE CRYSTAL BIBLE” by JUDY HALL

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Set, Citrine Wand, Yellow Jade Base