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Sizes: L21mm x W12mm xH32mm
Weight: 10.1g

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Color: Yellow to yellowish brown or smoky gray-brown
Source: Brazil, Russia, France, Madagascar, England, USA
Citrine – a warm energy crystal that is extremely effective in treating chronic fatigue syndrome(cfs) and prevents the disease from getting worse. It activates Solar Piexus Chakra,strengthen the stomach and stimulates digestion,the spleen and the pancreas.Psychologically, citrine can raises
self-confidence,improves motivation,creativity,and encourages self-expression. Citrine also known as” Fortune Stone”, which attracts wealth, success and all good things.
黄水晶-令人感到温暖的能量水晶,对治疗慢性疲劳综合征极其有效,能防止病情恶化。它能激活太阳轮强化肠胃及消化器官,尤其畏寒。在心里上,黄水晶能提升人们的自信,增强动力,激发人们的创造力,使人集中注意力 ,振奋精神,有效的消除恐惧与担忧。黄水晶还享有财富石的美誉,能够吸引财富,成功以及所有美好事物,也能加强偏财运。

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