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Color: Purple
Source: Russia
Charoite is a stone of transmation. it is the soul stone that overcomes fear. Charoite stimulates inner vision spiritual insight and aids in coping with enormous change at a spiritual level. Charoite synthesizes the heart and crown chakras, cleases the aura and stimulates unconditional love. Charoite encourages vibrational change and links to higher realities, it provides deep physical and emotional healing. it helps you to accept the present moment as perfect.Charoite integrates :negative qualities” and facilities acceptance of others. It releases deep fears and useful for overcoming resistance or putting things into perspective.It bestows drive,vigor and spontaneity and is able to refuce stree and worry. Charoite transmutes negative energy into healing and converts disease into wellness. It reenergizes the body when exhausted, heals and integrates dualities and regulates blood pressure. Charoite betows deep sleep, overcomes insomnia, and gives children carm sleep, it is helpful where dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system is affecting the heart. Charoite heals autism and bipolar disorders.
水晶迷们相信,紫龙晶是改革之石,是驱逐恐惧的灵魂之石,可以刺激心轮和顶轮,促进开发“第三眼”, 净化人体气场,激发无私的爱,加强精神上的洞察力,有助于人们适应灵性上的巨大变化。 据说,它能深入地治疗身心创伤,使你接受现状,看到其中好的一面。 紫龙晶能通过平衡顶轮来帮助人们消除孤立感或挫败感,带来动力,活力及积极性,整合“负面品行”。 让人们学会用广阔的心胸去包容他人,去除深层恐惧,克服在回忆不愉快过去时出现的抵抗心理,减轻 压力与忧虑,使人放松,缓解冲动与困扰等。紫龙晶加强观察及分析能力,有助于快速作出决策。它也 激发人们的博爱精神,鼓励公益事业,提供方法来克服个人与集体所遇到的困难。 紫龙晶有助于调节血压,摆脱失眠,有助于减轻躁狂忧郁症,整合双重性格。

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