Black Diopside


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Sizes: L11mm x W7mm x H24mm
Weight: 5.4g


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Black Diopside with a star-shaped shine is called Black Star makes a strong connection down via the base chakra to the earth star chakra.  That means that it is an excellent stone for you to use if you do dowsing.It may make you feel more passionate about doing all you are able to do, to treat the earth differently. They are strong base chakra and earth star chakra stones, with an excellent ability to aid you with spiritual grounding.It is also a good healing stone, especially useful for spinal problems, as well as aiding issues in the intestines. They are useful to use if you feel discontented and have a need try something different in your life. It may also help to boost creativity with a practical approach to your work. It may help you to let go of fear, especially issues that related to events that may have happened in childhood. Black Diopside has a meaning and properties of making owner’s mind clear and making choice correctly, its also enhancing owner’s creativity.


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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 24 cm