Agate – Cherry Blossom


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Sizes: L26mm x W10mm xH39mm
Weight: 13.1g


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Color: Pink
Source : Madagascar
Agate is naturally spiritual and is regarded as the “third eye” in the gem. It symbolizes friendliness and love and represents expectations. Wearing agate for a long time can strengthen the blood circulation, promote the innovation, and have the effect of beauty and beauty on the skin.
As far as women are concerned, agate is said to be able to dispatch female hormones, to harmonize qi and blood, and to have effects on menopausal hormonal disorders, to relax their energy and reduce the symptoms of insomnia.
樱花玛瑙天生具有灵性,被视为宝石中的“第三只眼”。 它象征着友善和爱,并代表期望。 长时间佩戴玛瑙可以增强血液循环,促进创新,并具有美容作用。就女性而言,据说玛瑙能够释放女性荷尔蒙,调和气血,对更年期的荷尔蒙紊乱有影响,能放松精力,减轻失眠症状。


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